上海市银.财产园景没有俗设念 止卡财产园情况景

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   Cost:1,710,000 RMB

Completion Date:2007

Site Size:12 000m2

Client:Shanghai Bank Card Industrial Park DevelopmentCo., Ltd.

Project Designer:Xuanquan Lin, Yueqin Liu

Shanghai Xuanquan Architecture & Landscape Planning andDesign Co., Ltd.

Landscape Design:Xuanquan Urban Design Branch ofShanghai Pudong Architectural Design&Research InstituteCo.,Ltd.

Location:Pudong New Distrcit, Shanghai

建成工妇:2007 年

项目本钱:171 万元

占空中积:传闻景没有俗设念是甚么意义。12 000 m2







paving bricks and material of flower shelf to reduce costs.

same time, we actively adopt waste black bricks, room watts andiron bars as road

build a modern delicate Bank Card Park environment with higherstandard. At the

principle which is "recycling, reusing and reducing". We adoptless investment to

We advocate "economical gardening construction". The designobeys the "3R"

Green design



Plants give life and vigour to the office environment. With thedifference of the four seasons, the passing of time, the bloomingand withering of flowers, the leafing and the falling of theleaves, from the young tree to the towering old tree, the landscapechanges while plants grow. Oriental cherry flowering in spring, thered maple trees extending their leaves, Zelkova serrata and ginkgochanging colour in autumn create visual changes and a tasteexperience. Osmanthus fragrans exudes beautiful fragrances inAugust. When the hidden fragrance floats, people feel sparks of joyand become excited. The vines climb on the frame slowly and becomevital.

Dynamic Plant Landscape



down to a small rest space which is formed by enclosing anarch-closed wisteria steel gallery and adopts the fountain ascentre. The space extends by linear eastwest roads in the east-westand south, and the space is orderly divided, so we can distinguishbig one from small one and see the exquisite rich landscape.

Water becomes a continuous element in the site. The straightwater tank goes

·Roof Garden of the Garage in the East



planted, which suggests elegance and tranquillity. Ting-stepsbuilt in water, planting pools and rest platforms extending towardsto water and small red square stools on the recreation platformsprovide a small flexible space, so you can sit close by a window ofoffice to enjoy the peaceful moment lonely of the afternoon. Thebreeze passes through the bamboo forest to blow small waveletsbeside the pebbles. Because of the water, the space is parted butnot separated; voices keep a distance while people converse andwalk outside the window, and fish move freely in water, so the sitehas natural delight at that moment.

White pebbles are paved on the soil in which the bamboo and redmaples are

·Small Water Pool Around the Office Building in theEast



added with a trace of quite by sound of the flowing water of thesmall fall spring. All sight of the staff is attracted to the deepcourtyard while looking for the headstream of the spring water.Thoughts flutter amid the white marble, black rock, red maple andJapanese rock garden. You can see the dramatic scenery by staringor overseeing.

The small courtyard is peaceful in the afternoon. But it seemstoo quiet, and is

·The Courtyard Landscape of the U-shaped Office in theWest




The entrance landscape area represents the image and presentsthe individuality of the park. Because of the existence of water,the whole site comes alive. At the same time, because of theflexibility of water, the rigidity of the glass buildings isharmonized. The waste room watts are designed and applied to beembedded beside the small fountain at the entrance. The dynamism ofwater and the circular wheel-shaped gray tiles contain the vigourand sustainability of the Bank Card Industrial

·The Fountain at the Main Entrance



“You look at the scenery on the bridge, while people look at thescenery with you in the upstairs”—The landscape is a dialecticalprocess for viewing and admiring each other. People and matters inthe site are part of the landscape or are viewed. In the Bank CardIndustrial High-Tech Park filled with creativity and vigour, youcan see the landscape both by walking within the site andoverseeing it at high places. In the limited space environment,with the garden-*** measures, such as the rows of phyllostachysviridis at the entrance, the arched feature walls, the windingstreams, the straight water tanks, the scattered falling water, thedelicate bridges, the greenbelts and the leisure platforms combinedin square and circle, the park not only has open dynamic space, butalso has cohesive static space. The complete environment blends inthe surrounding modern architectures.

·The Main Entrance Area

Zone Design





water. We perfect the ecological environment of the courtyard byplanting aquatic plants, which can integrate the function ofcollecting rainwater.

The water system in the park is a circulation water system,which can save the

·Circulation and Utilization of Water




Trees with grass and shrubs are planted on the roof gardenlocated on the garage in the east by solving the technical problemsof the underground garage, such as bearing and draining, andvertically greened to improve the rate of greening and change theroof garden from an existing rigid form.

·The Technology and Construction of the Garden





variable sense of space.

Because of excessive limitations at the site and narrowshattered space, our focus is how to orderly divide the space,distinguish big one from small one, and create a good ecologicalenvironment in the limited space through landscape-*** measures.For realizing the "separation, drainage and penetration" of thespace, we adopt the virtual-actual combination of many landscapeelements, such as "virtual" separation space between plants andwater and "real" separation space between feature walls andgalleries, to see big one from small one and enjoy the concise

·The Combination and Unification of Space



The project carried out formerly is a first-stage comprehensivematched service base which faces roads externally. An L-shaped mainoffice building divides the space into an eastern part and awestern part; the main entrance landscape space in the east and theroof garden landscape space of the underground garage in the west.For ensuring the integrity of the space, space is related bycontinuous water with variable forms and black and white pavements,while small spaces are alternated in the space by the landscapeelements, such as plants, micro-landforms and small arch bridges,curves and a circular composition method to create order andactivity within the environment.

·The Integrity of Style

Design Measures




modern and human-oriented office environment in which people canlive and work comfortably.

Based on the characteristic of high-tech financial informationservice base of the bank card industrial chain, we have tried tocreate a quiet, minimalist, delicate,

Design Idea

基于该项目是银行卡财产链的下科技金融疑息效劳基天那1特征,是以银行卡营业战金融疑息效劳为中心, 理念转达

Shanghai Bank Card Industrial Park, a national high-tech parkbesides Zhangjiang High-Tech Park, is another key developedhigh-tech industrial base. The Zhangjiang High-Tech park’s maindomains are integrated circuits, software and biological medicine.Shanghai Bank Card Industrial Park is a park of a complete bankcard industrial chain adopting bank card services and financialinformation services as its core services and integrating with anoffice area and a living area.

Background Analysis

该项目是国度级下科技园区——张江下科技园区继散成电路、硬件、死物、医药以后又1个沉面开展的下科技财产基天, 布景剖析

Shanghai XuanquanArchitecture&Urban Design*Landscape ArchitectureCo.,Ltd.

Xuanquan Urban Design Branch ofShanghai Pudong Architectural Design&Research InstituteCo.,Ltd.

Pictures Furnishedby: Lin Xuanquan

Written by: LinXuanquan, Liu Yueqin

Environment LandscapeDesign of Shanghai Bank Card Industrial Park


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